What a year!

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It’s been a whole year since our BirmingJam journey began. Yes, really! Exactly 365 days ago, on May 6th 2017, the leader selection day took place. This was shortly followed by the youth selection day where 36 scouts were chosen from over 140 who attended. Following a quick launch meeting in July, we have met up at least once a month since September. We’ve designed our identity #youshape, spent a night at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, gone geocaching, partied, tree planted for our unit legacy (in the snow!), done a huge amount of fundraising and lots more! Plus, we’ve done a barn dance every single time we’ve met up! #culture

It’s been a fantastic year, we’ve reached £90,000 out of our £160,000 target and we’re looking forward to continuing our fun and adventure. Take a look at the video below to see just what a brilliant year unit 79 has had! “Everything is possible now.