Health, Fitness and our Management Support Team Leader!

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With the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve spanning over 10,000 acres it’s clear that we need to be fit for the World Scout Jamboree! Today’s meeting focussed on this. To begin, we got our hearts pumping learning a square dance, “the best dance we’ve learnt so far!” shouted one of the Scouts to much agreement!

Afterwards, we sat down to hear from Kris, our Contingent Support Team leader. He spoke to the unit about what to expect from the jamboree, touched on the necessity for fitness and answered as many questions as he could that the unit threw at him!

Then it was time to think about personal development. The jamboree is much more than the actual jamboree trip. We’re already 8 months into our jamboree journey and we’ve seen the group grow and develop as a team. Now was the time for everyone to set six personal goals and think about ones that could potentially be undertaken as a unit. This way everyone can recognise that they have gained new skills and confidence through being a member of the UK Contingent.

Next up was some fitness training! One half of the unit was on shuttle runs, the other half on various exercises such as lunges, squats and the plank etc! At the shout of “SWAP” those on shuttle runs chose an exercise and those on the exercises went to shuttle runs. After several swaps, with some exhausted and others not even breaking a sweat, we finished with some stretches.

Whilst the Scouts had a drink we started discussing food for camps: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. With all of our ideas stuck on the wall, we went through every one of them discussing if it was healthy or not. It was clear to everyone at the end that we needed to think about our health and fitness between now and the jamboree so that we can maximise our fun whilst there!

Our final task for the day was to discuss Jambo-in-a-Box. We split into 3 groups and got to work looking at the International Activity Badge for each of the sections and considering a programme for each one based on either one or all of the jamboree hosts: America, Canada and Mexico!

Another fantastic meeting with lots more youth involvement in the shaping of Unit 79’s jamboree experience. Bring on our next get together…our March Tree Planting Camp!