New Year Sleepover!

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This weekend’s sleepover was full of fun and adventure with Geocaching and a party but it also focused on youth involvement.

We started the sleepover with a group discussion about what the Scouts want to do and achieve and where they want to go. They also inputted ideas for the UK Contingent food house, pavilion and merchandise and voted on their preferred Ho-Ho location…Canada won the vote! We continued our green ambitions by discussing sustainability and conservation and came away with further ideas on how we can be more environmentally friendly.

We can’t wait to input all the ideas into the programme and continue with our Youth Shape commitment! #youshape

With the discussions complete we had a quick brief into what Geocaching is all about and how to participate and then it was time to get adventurous! With an hour and a half circular route planned, we split into teams and staggered our set off times. It was great to explore an unknown area for the 6 Geocaches and with a mixture of residential and countryside navigation it was interesting. We had a lot of fun searching, chatting and getting to know one another more.

After a break for lunch the Scouts to look through all the badges and choose some they’d like to do. It’s great to see some skills badge choices as well as adventurous ones! The rest of the afternoon consisted of free time, team challenges and short catch up chats with the leaders to ensure fundraising was going smoothly. After a scrumptious chicken fajita dinner, it was time to party! We set up the lights and sound system and got the music going! We of course had the classic dance tunes such as the Cha Cha Slide, Macarena and 5, 6, 7, 8!

Our Sunday started with amazing egg and bacon sandwiches and then we continued our youth shape programme, checking over our Code of Conduct to ensure we all still agreed and going through our Social Media Policy. To finish off we played some great games and had a Q&A with the leaders.

A brilliant BirmingJam sleepover, what a way to start the year!


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